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A Vibrant campus with a mission to nurture excellence in teaching, learning, creativity and research; translate knowledge into practice and foster multidisciplinary research. You are welcome to join this vibrant family, realize your professional goals and have a successful career.

The Department of Human Resources at Bay University seeks people committed to excellence. In turn, the University is committed to fostering a culture of diversity and collaboration, promoting sustainability and developing scholars at all stages of the academic career ladder in order to maintain and build its academic excellence. Faculty Development is a critical element of our investment in productive and innovative faculty. Beside teaching faculty, Bay University is also committed to foster environment for the growth of administrative and supportive staff

Current Openings
  • Professor of Biochemistry
  • Professor of English, Dutch & Spanish

  • Lecturer of Anatomy

  • Lecturer of Microbiology

  • Lecturer of Chemistry

  • Network Administrator

  • Anatomy and Physiology Lab Technician

  • Fiscal & Enrollment Officer

  • Librarian

  • Administrative Assistant

Please send your Resume to us at [email protected], along with a cover letter, describing how you can help us grow.

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