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Bay University is one of the top medical universities in Aruba

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About Us

Bay University Foundation, the ‘Umbrella Body’ was established with the mandate to operate ‘Bay University’, an International Medical University of ‘Deemed Status’ through its approval from the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Education in the Government of Aruba. We are a group of dedicated administrators and experienced faculty with a passion for shaping young and brilliant minds and driving the university forward with focused Visions, Missions and Goals.

  • To Develop a Self-governing, Self-reliant International Medical  University Attracting Students and Teachers to its Constantly Innovative Educational Programs
  • To Enhance Access to High Quality Health Care, both  Primary and  Tertiary in Collaboration with Island Government for the Caribbean Regions and Beyond
  • To Catalyze a Human Development Program resulting in  Enhancement in the Quality of Life of the People of the Island

To Educate Next Generation Health Professionals Who will  Provide  Holistic Health Care through Training of Compassionate, Caring, Communicative, Culturally Aware  and Socially Accountable Workforce Acting as Agents of Change and Innovation in the Health Services

  • To Produce Competent Team Member of Health Care Professionals, Equipped with a Comprehensive Knowledge and Skill to Identify Normal Health, Diagnose Disease States, Plan Management and Prevention through High Quality Health Care,  at Primary and  Tertiary Level
  • To Produce Health Care Professional who Appreciate Socio-Psychological, Cultural, Economical and Environmental Factors Affecting Health and Rationale of different Therapeutic Modalities  in Discharging Professional Responsibilities
  • To Produce Health Care Professionals Equipped with Highest Ethical and Professional Behaviors of Judgments, Conducts and Accountabilities  to Deliver Equitable Health Care to All Races, Genders, Sexual Orientations, Disabilities  and Ethnic Groups of Diversified Global  Populations
  • To Produce Health Care Professionals, Trained with Innovative Principles of Learning, may be Problem or Practice Based, or other  Learning Strategies,  Posses the Attitude of Continued Self-Directed-Learning,  Mature  as a Confident Life-long  Learner to Grasp the Advancing Knowledges in the chosen area of Medicine
  • To produce Health Care Professionals Who Act as a Virtuous Leader  in Health Care, Patient Care Improvement Activities and Research Strategies to Explore the Truth of Life and  Shape Up the Healthy World
  • Approach to Diagnosis, Management, Therapeutics and Prevention of Diseases
  • Basic Clinical Knowledges and Skills identify Normal Health and Disease States
  • Comprehensive Knowledges and Practices of Highest Ethical and Professional Standards to Deliver Equitable Health Care to Diversified Global Populations
  • Confident Life-long Learner and Great Thinker by Problem Based, or other Learning Strategies through Possession of Attitude of Continued Self-Directed-Learning and Thinking
  • Leader in Health Care, Patient Care Improvement and Research Strategies to Explore the Truth of Life and Shape Up the Healthy World


I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude towards Bay University School of Medicine for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of becoming a Physician. As I write this letter I have already finished internal medicine as well as general surgery with Bay university. I am currently in my fourth core clinical rotation in OBGYN with Dr. Joshi. This experience has been nothing but amazing since day one. Having to start clinical rotations in the US can sometimes be a little challenging. I really appreciate the administration’s help in answering all my questions and guiding me towards the right direction. They have made this process seamless. The school has made me feel comfortable and welcomed me with open arms. I recommend future students to come to Bay University and I can assure you that they will help and guide you with your future in becoming the best physician.”

Jonathan Rebibo

3rd Year MD Student

As a second year MD student at Bay University with an interest in pursuing a career as a doctor, I have learned that medicine is not only a physical practice, but it is a spiritual and emotional process that leads to healing and well being. Art of medicine is learned through practice and prior examples. The MD Program of Bay University has facilitated my pursuit of my interest in Art of medicine through lectures and mentors of the university. I have gained significant insight as a student at Bay University through our classroom sessions, Assignments, and practicums.”

Amala Raveendran

2nd Year MD Student

“I have recently finished the Pre-Med program at Bay University and would like to share my experience over the last 12 months. I’ll start out by saying that picking this program was the best choice I have made! I started the program with a little knowledge in all the subjects and in the end of the year I felt completely confident to take the final exam. I would also like to add that faculty including teachers are amazing! Every single one of them gives you 111% at all time, very professional and amazing at what they do! Overall an amazing experience, I highly recommend this program for anyone who is interested and motivated in pursuing their career as a doctor.”

Vibrans Benny

Pre-Med Student

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